face [fās]
[ME < OFr < VL facia < L facies, the face, appearance < base of facere, DO1]
1. the front of the head from the top of the forehead to the bottom of the chin, and from ear to ear; visage; countenance
2. the expression of the countenance
3. a surface of a thing; esp.,
a) the front, upper, or outer surface or part
b) any one of the surfaces of a geometric figure or crystal
4. the side or surface that is marked, as of a clock, playing card, domino, etc., or that is finished, as of fabric, leather, etc.
5. the appearance; outward aspect; semblance
6. facial makeup; cosmetics: used chiefly in the phrases do one's face and put one's face on
7. dignity; self-respect; prestige: used chiefly in the phrase lose (or save) face
8. the topography (of an area)
9. the functional or striking surface (of a tool, golf club, etc.)
10. what is shown by the language of a document, without explanation or addition
11. Informal effrontery; audacity
12. Mining the end of a tunnel, drift, etc., where work is being done
13. Printing
a) the type surface on which a letter is cut; printing part of a letter or plate: see TYPE
b) the full selection of type of a certain design
faced, facing [ME facen < the n.]
1. to turn, or have the face or front turned, toward [the building faces the square]
2. to meet or confront squarely or face to face
3. to confront with boldness, courage, etc.
4. to acknowledge and accept (facts, the truth, etc.)
5. to put another material on the surface of
6. to level and smooth the surface of (esp. a block of stone)
7. to turn (a card, etc.) with the face up
8. Mil. to cause (a formation of soldiers) to pivot by giving the appropriate command
9. Sewing to apply a facing to (a collar, edge, etc.)
1. to turn, or have the face turned, toward a specified thing or person, or in a specified direction
2. Mil. to pivot in a specified direction: usually in the form of a command [right face!]
☆ be in someone's face or get in someone's face
Slang to behave in a confrontational or annoyingly direct or persistent manner toward someone
face down
to disconcert or overcome by a confident, bold manner
face off
1. Hockey to start or resume play with a face-off
2. Informal to confront one another as opponents or adversaries [candidates face off in an election]
3. Informal to take a position opposing: with against or with [Congress faced off against the President]
face to face
1. confronting each other
2. very near; in the presence: followed by with
face up to
1. to face with courage; confront and resist
2. to realize and be ready to meet (a condition, fact, etc.)
fly in the face of
to be rashly defiant of
in the face of
1. in the presence of
2. in spite of
make a face
to distort the face, esp. in a way expressing contempt, distaste, humor, etc.: also Chiefly Brit. pull a face
on the face of it
to all appearances; apparently
pull a long face or wear a long face
to look sad, glum, disapproving, etc.
put a bold face on
to seem bold or confident about
set one's face against
to be determinedly against; disapprove of; resist
show one's face
to come and be seen; appear
to someone's face
in someone's presence; openly and without fear
SYN.- FACE is the basic, direct word for the front of the head; COUNTENANCE refers to the face as it reflects the emotions or feelings and is, hence, often applied to the facial expression [his happy countenance]; VISAGE refers to the form, proportions, and expression of the face, especially as indicative of general temperament [a man of stern visage]; PHYSIOGNOMY refers to the general cast of features, esp. as characteristic of an ethnic group or as supposedly indicative of character [the physiognomy of an honest man ]

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